Thorowgood T6 Cob GP

> Best all-round saddle for the rounder build – a GP for the low withered Cob-type horse

> Offers close contact to avoid that ‘perched on top’ feeling.

> Versatile, medium depth seat is ideal for a range of riding activities

>4 girthing options to achieve maximum saddle stability

> Superbly detailed leather-look seat and knee pads ensure you look the part at home or in the arena

> Flocked with 100% British wool

Colour: Black or brown
Seat Size: 17”, 17½”, 18”
Widths: Changeable S-Bar: M/W, W, W/XW, XW, XW/XXW, XXW
Changeable gullet

Easily change the gullet bar to best fit the width of your horse's withers

Changeable girth straps

Position the girth straps to achieve optimal saddle stability

Changeable stuffing

Two reinforced access slots allow your saddler to adjust the stuffing in the panel

Conformation design

Panel and tree shapes are designed to suit the specific contours of your horse's breed or type

Moveable blocks

Reposition the blocks to give bespoke support and comfort for your leg

High withered horse

Standard build horse

Cob type horse

Key fitting concerns related to different breeds / types of horse

Clearance of the spine without pinching and saddle balance

Relatively easy to fit but bearing surface should be maximised

Saddle stability and minimising bulk between horse and rider

Wither heights and back shapes

Prominent wither

Medium wither

Low withered, flat backed (big barrelled)

Correctly fitting saddles for each type of horse

High Wither GP

GP (medium wither)

Cob GP

Key features

Cut back tree and deep panel ensure good wither clearance

Shaped to allow ample clearance either side of the wither

Slimline panel design and flatter tree shape eliminates that 'perched on top' feeling

Caring For Your New Saddle


>> Remove any heavy mud or thick dirt with a damp sponge

>> Extend the life of your girth straps by using a girth with roller buckles, such as aThorowgood girth


>> Clean any part of your saddle with traditional soap or oil

>> Spray your saddle with any domestic cleaner or polish

Your Guarantee


>> The SimaTree® saddle tree conforms to BS 7875 and is guaranteed for the lifetime of the saddle. All the materials and workmanship carry a 12 month guarantee under normal use.Register your guarantee straight away by clicking here

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